About Bobby Deol And Ranbir Kapoor Comeback
About Bobby Deol And Ranbir Kapoor Comeback

About Bobby Deol And Ranbir Kapoor Comeback

Today we are going to talk about the comeback of two of the best actors in Bollywood, whose films are currently creating havoc at the box office. We are talking about Bobby Deol and Ranbir Kapoor. Bobby Deol and Ranbir Kapoor starrer movie Animal is much talked about after its release these days and has earned well at the box office, so in today’s article we are talking about both the actors in the interest of their comeback.

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About animal movie and his collection, reviews

As we all know, the Ranbir Kapoor and Bobby Deol-starrer movie Animal is in the news at the moment. If we talk about its collection, the movie has collected Rs. 61 crores in its first day; if we talk about the third day earning of animals, it collected Rs 72.50 crores on its third day, i.e., Sunday, in India; till now, the collection of animals is approximately Rs 202.57 crores in India.

If we talk about the review of the film, almost all the reviews have been very good from the public, but if we talk about the critics, then some of the critics have said that it is unnecessary violence, and we don’t want to have so much violence in this film. Well, this is only a review; if someone likes the movie, then he gives a good review, whereas if someone does not like the movie, then he does not give a good review.

About Bobby Deol Comeback

Bobby Deol is a very big name and also a good actor in Bollywood, but that’s not enough; since time immemorial, he has not seen any new films. We have seen him in web series; his very famous web series has been liked a lot; people have liked his acting very much.

But now, after many days, we have seen Bobby Deol. This is an animal movie with amazing action. We have not seen much of Bobby Deol in the film, but as much as he is, people have liked him very much. In these animals, one can tell from the face of Bobby Deol. This could be a good comeback for Bobby Deol.

About Ranbir Kapoor Comeback

Ranbir Kapoor is known by the name Chocolaty Boy in Bollywood, and he is also a very good actor. He has done many action films as per his genre, which is romantic, but he has also done action films. We saw him in the VFX-rich movie Brahmasthra.

This action has been taken. And now his next big film, Animal, is creating a stir at the box office today. In Animal, Ranbir Kapoor’s look is amazing, and we are also getting to see the amazing action of Ranbir Kapoor. Looking at the collection and review of Animal Movie, it is being said that this can be Ranbir Kapoor’s biggest film and can also be a good comeback.


About Bobby Deol And Ranbir Kapoor Comeback
About Bobby Deol And Ranbir Kapoor Comeback

In the conclusion of this article, Sandeep Reddy is known for his amazing violence filmmaking, and with the hope that he made an animal, it is looking almost completely hot. Animal movie is doing amazing collection at the box office; this is Vanga’s best film in terms of collection.

Before this, Vanga made Kabir Singh with Shahid Kapoor; Kabir Singh also became a hit in the theater. Shahid Kapoor likes the logo very much. After Kabir Singh, now Vanga’s animal is also doing wonders; can it be a blockbuster? Now that only the movie has been released for 3 days, let’s see how much the movie has earned before the release of Dunki. Is it in the box of 500 crores? aa payegi animal. Those who have not seen the animal till now should go and see it. For such news, stay tuned with us.

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